Capturing the Light: Top Sony IMX789 Sensor Phones in 2024

sony imx789 sensor phones list

Looking for a smartphone camera that shines in low light and produces stunningly sharp images? The Sony IMX789 sensor might be your answer. This high-end sensor has been praised for its impressive capabilities, and several flagship devices boast its presence. Let’s explore some of the top Sony IMX789 sensor phones in 2024:

Flagship Powerhouses:

1)Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: King of the Android hill, the S23 Ultra packs a punch with its 200MP main sensor, supported by the IMX789 for its ultrawide lens. Expect exceptional detail and a dynamic range.

2)Xiaomi 13 Pro: Boasting a triple camera system featuring the IMX789 for its main lens, the Xiaomi 13 Pro delivers vibrant colors and excellent noise reduction, even in dimly lit environments.

3)Vivo X90 Pro+: This camera-centric phone goes all-in with the IMX789 for its main and ultrawide lenses, resulting in exceptional low-light performance and impressive video capabilities.

Powerhouse Performance, Mid-Range Price:

  • Oppo Reno 8 Pro+ 5G: Combining the IMX789 with a custom MariSilicon X imaging chip, this phone delivers flagship-level image quality at a more accessible price point.

Beyond the Expected:

sony imx789 sensor phones list

  • OnePlus 10 Pro 5G: While released in 2022, this phone still holds its own with the IMX789 as part of its triple camera system. If you’re looking for a flagship experience at a lower price, consider this option.

Choosing the Right One:

Deciding on the best Sony IMX789 phone depends on your priorities. Do you value pure camera prowess and don’t mind a premium price tag? Opt for the S23 Ultra or X90 Pro+. Looking for flagship performance at a more budget-friendly option? The Reno 8 Pro+ is a strong contender. Remember, factors like overall phone features, design, and personal preferences also play a crucial role.

Beyond the List:

This list highlights some prominent examples, but it’s not exhaustive. New models equipped with the IMX789 sensor might emerge as 2024 progresses. Always research thoroughly before making a purchase.

Remember: Sensor quality is just one piece of the camera puzzle. Software processing, lens quality, and other factors also influence image results.

Capture Your Moments Brightly:

With its impressive image quality and low-light prowess, the Sony IMX789 sensor empowers smartphones to deliver exceptional photography experiences. Explore the options listed above, keep your priorities in mind, and find the phone that helps you capture your moments in stunning detail.


  • Improved Image Quality: The IMX789 boasts a large 1/1.35″ sensor size, capturing more light for better low-light performance, dynamic range, and detail.
  • Enhanced Video Recording: 8K recording capability at 24fps and 4K at 120fps offer impressive options for videographers.
  • Computational Photography Potential: The sensor pairs well with advanced computational photography algorithms, resulting in sharper images, reduced noise, and more vivid colors.
  • Unique 16:11 Aspect Ratio: This ratio provides more flexibility for framing and creative composition.
  • Proven Track Record: Several phones released in 2023 utilized the IMX789 with positive reviews for camera performance.


  • Limited Phone Selection: As of February 2024, only a handful of phones feature the IMX789, potentially limiting your options.
  • Price Premium: Phones with this sensor tend to be on the higher end price range.
  • Bulkier Design: The larger sensor necessitates a thicker phone profile, which some users may not prefer.
  • Potential Lens Limitations: Not all phone manufacturers may pair the sensor with equally high-quality lenses, impacting overall image quality.
  • Battery Drain: Larger sensors can consume more power, potentially affecting battery life.


1: Which phone has Sony IMX989 sensor?

Several phones boast the Sony IMX989 sensor, including the Vivo X90 Pro+, Xiaomi 13 Pro, OPPO Find X6 Pro, Xperia Pro-I, and (although not globally released) the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

For the latest options and specific features, it’s best to research them individually based on your preferences.

2: Which is the latest Sony IMX sensor?

While the IMX989 is a current powerhouse, rumors suggest the IMX903 and IMX907 might be the latest Sony smartphone sensors. Details are unofficial, but they could offer 48MP resolution, dual pixel autofocus, and potentially smaller size with clever designs. Keep an eye out for these upcoming options!

3: Is Sony IMX sensor good?

Yes, Sony IMX sensors are generally excellent! They offer impressive image quality, often boasting features like large size, high resolution, and low-light prowess. However, “good” depends on your needs and budget. Consider specific models and their features, as not all IMX sensors are created equal. Some phones might not pair the sensor with top-notch lenses, impacting quality. Weigh pros and cons to see if they fit your priorities!

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As 2024 unfolds, the Sony IMX789 sensor continues to shine in flagship phones. While options are still limited, its large size, low-light magic, and 8K video potential make it a standout for photography enthusiasts. Remember, the best phone for you depends on individual features, price, and preferences. So, research, compare, and capture stunning shots with the IMX789’s brilliance!

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  1. I never knew the Sony IMX789 sensor was so highly praised among photographers. Thanks for the rundown on the top phones that feature this sensor in 2024. I’m considering upgrading my phone and this article has definitely given me some great options to consider! Would love to see a follow-up on how these phones actually perform in real-world use.

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